Guanacaste Turtle Nesting Tour

Guanacaste Turtle Nesting Tour takes you to one of the most important sites for the Olive Ridley Turtle Nesting in the world, the Ostional Wildlife Refuge. Most of the Guanacaste Turtle Nesting Tours are programmed to be enjoyed by the evening or night as it is the time when the biggest number of the turtle shows out but we can arrange a special deal for you departing earlier and visiting some of the beaches along the way.

All our Guanacaste Tours depart from:

Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Ocotal, and Riu Guanacaste Hotels. We also leave from Andaz Papagayo, Planet Hollywood Costa Rica, and Four Seasons Peninsula. As well as Secrets Papagayo, Villas Sol, Occidental Papagayo, El Mangroove Resort among others. You can also enjoy our tours from Tamarindo Beach, Flamingo, Playa Conchal, and Potrero. 

  • Guanacaste Turtle Nesting Tour

    Guanacaste Turtle Nesting Tour offers you a great trip to see thousands of turtles nesting at Ostional Wildlife Refuge. This tour will take you through beautiful landscapes and rural towns along the coastal road.

    Ostional is located around 2.5 hours from Papagayo Gulf and 1.5 hours drive from the Tamarindo area. Ostional Wildlife Refuge together with Santa Rosa National Park as well in Guanacaste is the most important nesting site in the world for the Olive Riddle Turtle.

    It is possible to see green or black turtles and on rare occasions Leather-back Turtles. The best months to observe the massive olive riddle turtle arrivals are from August to the end of October. Guanacaste Turtle Nesting Tour also gives you the opportunity to witness nature’s miracle watching some of the biggest  Olive Riddle Turtle arrivals between the months of September and January, especially in the full moons.

    Here you can see thousands of turtles coming out of the ocean for laying their eggs on the beach. It is also possible to observe the hatching, depending on the weather conditions they clast around 50 days before they hatch. This is a great chance to observe and somehow help these little ones to run into the ocean.

    The massive turtles’ nesting used to occur during early hours or late evening hours and only during the lower moon. There is not a specific date for the turtle to come out but we are in constant contact with the range station. Once they start to come out, the arribada can last up to five days. Guanacaste Turtle Nesting Tour is a seasonal tour and we try to arrange the trips at the best times and days possibles. There are turtles coming out along the month but never in the massive number as occurs during the arribadas but still possible to observe some.

    All our Guanacaste tours offer you private transportation, this way we can give you a customized experience, and at the same time, we care about your safety.  This way we give you the opportunity to change itineraries (if possible), make stops along the way, and enjoy the day at your own pace, without a rush.

  • Rates Guanacaste Turtle Nesting Tour

     2 people4 people6+ people
    From Playas del Coco, Hermosa, Ocotal,  Riu Guanacaste Hotels, Secrets Papagayo, El Mangroove, Occidental Papagayo and Villas del Sol$195 p.p$170 p.p$145 p.p
    Four Seasons Costa Rica, Andaz Papagayo, and Planet Hollywood Costa Rica$195 p.p$170 p.p$145 p.p
    From Tamarindo Beach, Flamingo, Potrero, and Conchal $180 p.p.$150 p.p$130 p.p
    • Min 2 people to operate the tour.
    • The biggest arrivals occur during the months of September, October, November, and December.
    • This is a night tour, not recommended for small children.
    • Special rates for groups and families.
    • Taxes not included.

  • Includes Private transportation, bilingual guide, water, fruits, and entrance fee.

    What to bring: Insect repellent, comfortable and dark clothes, and no flash camera.

    Duration: 8 hours approx.

    Departure: Depending on tide and moon (new moon) / Tours can be done around 5.00 pm or early morning.

    Hiking Level: Easy / Short hike by the beach.

    *Note: If you suffer from high or low-pressure problems, asthma, or any heart problem please let our guide know and bring your medication with you. As well if you have any knees, hip, and back problems that are difficult for you to hike, it is necessary that your info to us before taking the tour.

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